By Greg Palmer
6 m, 2 w
Several simple settings.
About 50 minutes.
Script: 44 pages.
Sweet and spunky Betsy Green takes care of her sister Gertrude as they eke out a living hunting mushrooms in the forests of the Northwest. It isn’t easy, especially since Gertrude lost her vision in the terrible fireworks explosion which killed their parents in Hong Kong years earlier. Since that time, a mad scientist, apparently under the spell of a mysterious Oriental cult, has been trying to kidnap Gertrude. When Betsy is momentarily distracted talking with Maurice, a handsome fruit vendor, Gertrude disappears! The lost Gertrude rings a bell to indicate her whereabouts but the sound energizes the mad scientist who is under its spell. He and his sidekick capture the sisters and proceed to brainwash Betsy into becoming a real estate agent. The villain hopes to “condo-ize” the green forests as he has already done in California. (“It’s not for nothing I am known as the Father of modern Encino!”) Will Betsy be able to fight her brainwashing? Will Gertrude be able to untie the captured Maurice to help save them all? And why do the Irish and Norwegian policemen, who claim to be twin brothers, look so much like Fong, a life-sized mysterious statue? This very loose adaptation of the melodrama classic “Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl” is a hilarious hoot-a-minute! Commissioned by the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre.
#1720 Betsy Green, The Mushroom Queen

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