By Craig Sodaro
3 m, 11 w, doubling possible
Script: 62 pages
Ivy McEwin, a college history major, is so intrigued by a photograph of a young woman who lived during the Civil War that she travels to the woman's home, Ravensgate, an old Southern plantation. Ivy hopes to unlock the secrets of the woman's life, but instead meets the woman in death. The current owners, who are trying to restore the house into a bed and breakfast, have already noticed a number of strange things going on: the mournful sounds of a woman weeping at night; the frequent, unrelenting beating of a heart, and the rocking of an empty chair. As ghosts appear and horrific events frighten off the last of the guests, Ivy is more determined than ever to stay, even when the housekeeper tries to make her leave. Gradually, a story of murder and revenge unfolds, reaching a climax when a teenage girl possessing "the gift" enters the spirit world and lays bare secrets held for 150 years. Unit set.
#1036 The Beating Heart
"We had so much fun with the special effects and sounds of this play-the first time we had tried any of them. The cast did a wonderful job of "pulling it off." We had planned an intermission but the first performance was so much fun and flowing so smoothly the cast and audience did not want to stop till the end." -- T.H., Director, Plains (MT) High School
“The show was very successful, with a variety of interesting characters that the students really enjoyed playing. The plot was suspenseful and slightly macabre without being maudlin. The tech crew had a lot of fun creating all the special effects, which were easy but effective.” – G.C., Director, Union Colony Preparatory School, Greeley, CO
“Great show. The kids loved the story and the characters. The audience had great reactions to the suspense and special effects.” –D.B., Buhl HS, Buhl, ID

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