Book and Lyrics by Greg Palmer
Music by John Engerman
Approx. 11 characters + townspeople
Script: 70 pages. About 2 hours.
Here’s a rousing musical defense of the wolf, presented in English Panto style. Panto employs hybridized fairy tales, puns, cross-dressed characters, big-head characters, magical transformations and silliness to the max. With plot aspects from “The Three Little Pigs,” “Red Riding Hood,” “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and even “Frankenstein,” the pigs are shown to be the real culprits. They're clever media manipulators with strictly their own swinish interests at heart. The two-member orchestra also becomes a hilarious part of the performance as they interact with the actors and audience. Fourteen songs including “Blame It on the Wolf,” “The Fifth Deadly Sin Ballet,” “Grand March of the Swine,” “There Is Nothing Like a Mob,” and “Do I Dare to Dream of You.” This script was commissioned by the Empty Space Theatre of Seattle.
#7035 The Big Bad Wolf (And How He Got That Way)
Also available for this musical: Piano/Vocal Score #7037
Demo CD #7035T
“Palmer makes the point humans are only animals that try to beat nature instead of living with it but he also makes a lot of fun. The script and lyrics were confected engagingly...bouncy,show-bizzy music...”
Wayne Johnson, Seattle Times.

“Fizzy dizzy material...songs are a pleasing pastiche of showbiz genres.”
Joe Adcock, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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