Book & Lyrics by Greg Palmer
Music by Cliff Lenz.
Flexible cast, approx. 10 m, 4 w
(or 7 actors with doubling)
Several settings suggested
Script: 55 pages. About 90 minutes.
A musical version of Charles Perrault's story, done in the style of the English Pantomime, and featuring the various pantomime traditions including a "Pantomime Dame" (played by a male), "Principal Boy" (played by a girl), "Principal Girl," fairies who talk in rhyme, and significant audience interaction. This script, with six delightful songs, was commissioned by Seattle Children's Theatre and later televised. A wonderfully antic version of the popular story with enough action for any member of the family. Recipient of the "Ohio State Award Best Children's Program." Perfect for audiences of all ages.
#7230 Puss in Boots
Also available:
#7231 Vocal Score
#7232 Piano Score

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Also Available:
#7231-Puss in Boots - Vocal Score$7.95
#7232-Puss in Boots - Piano Score$35

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