Adapted by Joe Cosentino
Music and Lyrics by Susan Mondzak
7M 7F + ensemble. Some doubling possible.
One Unit Set.
Script pages: 54. About an hour.
This much loved tale is mostly known as a ballet. However, it began as a classic story of literature by a German author, E.T.A. Hoffmann. The story involves an eccentric inventor whose nephew has been turned into a nutcracker doll by a curse. In order to break the enchantment, the Nutcracker must destroy the Mouse King and find the love of a maiden even in his wooden state. Clara, the inventor's godchild, receives the Nutcracker as a Christmas gift and falls instantly in love with the wooden doll. In a fantasy world, where all the toys come to life, Clara helps the Nutcracker get rid of the evil Mouse King in a thrilling sword fight. The Nutcracker then turns into his former princely self and marries Clara in a heartwarming finale. Six beautiful songs including "Christmas Day," "My Little Man," "Hard Nut to Crack," "Ratvenge," "I Am Not Afraid of You," and "Mimi Likes You-You." A short study guide with classroom activities is included at the back of the script.
#7190 Script - The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
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#7191 Vocal Score
#7192 Piano Score
#7193 Performance CD
#7194 Demo CD

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Also Available:
#7191-NUTCRACKER - Vocal Score$7
#7192-NUTCRACKER - Piano/Vocal Score$25
#7193-NUTCRACKER - MOUSE Perform CD$40
#7194-NUTCRACKER - Demo CD$3.95

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