By Pat Cook
5 m, 5 w, 3 flexible parts, and extras
Script: 62 pages
Would you like to hear the legend of Robin Hood? If your answer is "I Sherwood," then hitch up your gauntlets and get ready to laugh. You see, it's a little known fact that the famous English bandit was a bit of a klutz. As a kid he practiced with a bow and violin instead of a bow and arrow, so naturally to fight the king's injustices he needed his famous band of women. Women? That's what you get when you send Little John to do the recruiting! But just as the ladies are persuaded that after they steal from the rich they have to give the goodies to the poor, Robin is tricked by a rhyming witch and is taken captive by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. At the palace, King John holds a festival to trap all of Robin's followers. Will swordplay and derring-do, plus a lot of cheap tricks, allow goodness to triumph over evil and Robin Hood to win the hand of the lovely Maid Marian. Two simple sets.
#1065 - The Legend of Robin Hood...Sort Of
"This play was one of my all-time favorite performances. The set design was simple which worked great with our budget (or lack thereof). My cast had the entire audience in stitches several times. ... The one-liners kept the audience in a state of constant giggles. At the end when the Sherriff is stabbed and goes on his little rant babbling Shakespeare lines, the audience broke out in applause and laughter and we literally had to stop for a few seconds to wait for them to settle down. This was a great performance for us!!" K.J.P., Director, Woodland H.S., Baileyville, ME
"The production was excellent. Both audience and cast enjoyed it very much. I don't think there was a moment where there were no chuckles or laughter whether on or off-stage. It was a stellar performance." --X.R., Director, Discovery Academy, Provo, UT
“Our recent production of the Robin Hood play was fantastic and lots of fun! My cast and our audience enjoyed lots of laughs! I have both acted in it and directed it in the past.” – L.O., Philip (SD) High School
"What a fun script. The cast really enjoyed developing the characters and the dinner guest laughed all night. We love Pat Cook scripts and this one is a great one!" -- T.K. URBANDALE, IA
"The kids loved it. We added even more anachronisms than those in the script. When the Merry Maids (about 16 girls) meet Robin for the first time, he asks to see what they can do. We had them do a calisthenics routine which morphed into a cancan. And in the big fight scene our Merry Maids paired off and had sword fights, choreographed, in the aisles. The girls loved it! And we did this play with 6 boys and like 19 girls! Ideal for the high school level." M.R., Troy High School, Troy, KS
“Our production was well received by all ages. Children loved the slapstick, and teens and adults loved the satire and humor… I like the flexibility in casting and set this play gave me.” J.C., Minneapolis High School, Minneapolis, KS

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