By Craig Sodaro
10 m, 12 w, 5 flexible, doubling possible
Script: 68 pages
Caesar is sent back to earth in human form to find out what true love is all about. His job: make sure Diana Flinchart, a sophomore at Rome College, is happy. Diana is pledging a sorority headed by Lisa Lennox, the campus goddess who is going with Dexter, the "Big Man on Campus." Diana's father, the dean of the college, equates happiness with lots of friends, particularly Dexter. Imagine how happy he is when Dexter asks Diana to the spring formal. Of course, sparks fly when Lisa finds out and when Caesar learns Dexter's real motives for asking Diana out. The web of love becomes so tangled that Cupid, Minerva and even Cleopatra descend in human form to help Caesar untie the knots and save him from a second life on earth. A magical comedy about myths, youth, and love.
#1017 Great Caesar's Ghost!
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