By Craig Sodaro
3 m, 9 w
Script: 60 pages
Tycoon Willard Witherspoon has been looking for his great-niece Earnestine since she was lost with her parents in the Amazon eighteen years earlier. Though her parents died, Willard has good reason to believe that Earnestine survived. With the help of his secretary Dudley and his housekeeper Beulah, Willard launches a search for his Earnestine so he can leave his fortune to her when he dies. After a media announcement, Earnestines appear from every corner of the country, but Willard finally settles on four to invite to his mansion for the weekend. Earnestine Sweet is a model and actress whose stage mother is definitely in control. Earnestine Tilly is a shy school teacher, while Earnestine McCoy is a lively massage therapist. Earnestine Krupp is a waitress whose boyfriend needs her to pay for his one-man gallery show. Although Willard interviews the Earnestines, he also hires a detective for DNA tests. The unexpected result almost breaks hearts and scuttles budding romance, but quick-thinking Dudley manages to reveal the importance of being the real Earnestine. Full evening.
#8356 Earnestly Earnestine

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