By L. Don Swartz
5 m, 6 w
Script: 60 pages
Ideal comedy for community theatres! Ned is the 30-ish son of Ma and Pa Boodle whose efforts to introduce girlfriends to his family don't turn out very well. His family is somewhat "colorful"-his mother is a June Cleaver type at her homiest; his father is pretty clueless his grandpa manages a cat (rescue) house; and his sister Lulu is a hypochondriac with an equally germ-o-phobic boyfriend, Luke. Also there's the ever-helpful Jack, who resides in a cardboard appliance box in the middle of the Boodle living room, and the neighbor, Mrs. Doodah-Doodah. But Ned's latest introduction of a lady friend to the family is different. Elaine sees what few others see in the family Boodle. Why? Ned was once a close part of this daffy bunch, perhaps even a little daffy himself at one time. But something has changed him. Can Elaine help? Can Ned help his family cross over into his world? With understated humor, the final scenes just might help you view your own crazed flesh and blood with a knowing smile, a kinder eye and an open heart.
8352 Noodles
"It was great!! We ran 2 shows. It was a popcorn theater event to raise money for our upcoming mission trip to Mexico. The show was hilarious. We had a blast!" -- A.F., Director, Grace Christian Fellowship, Newtown, CT
"What a fun play for both the cast and the audience. The set was basic, but the characters had a complex story within them and plenty of comedic moments to lighten up their problems and lift the audience." -- G.S., Director, Garey H.S., Pomona, CA

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