By Tim Kelly
Flexible cast
Approx. 7 m, 14 w, extras
Script: 67 pages
Gram Hawley and granddaughter Cindy Lou run the general store in Happy Hollow, deep in the Ozarks, but there is a new highway coming through and that means Happy Hollow soon will be dynamited off the map. It's discovered Gram's property contains the biggest store of natural gas ever, and a couple of crooks want to have the unsuspecting Gram sign her land over to them. Enter some folks from Hollywood who insist on making a movie about life in the hills - if they can find some money - and some snobbish California relatives who loathe every minute with the weird Hawleys. This play is a director's dream mixing comedy and non-stop action with lots of small roles of eccentric characters. One of the funniest shows you'll ever produce. Y'all come!
#1059 Hollywood Hillbillies
“Because of the nature of the play, there was always a joke and a laugh. The characters were open to interpretation and I allowed the students to make of the character what they wanted. They really enjoyed the creative freedom and the license they so seldom have to just feel young.” – D.H., Director, South Knox High School, Vincennes, IN
"We utilized three middle school faculty members for minor roles which the kids loved. They enjoyed being on stage with their teachers and teaching them all they know about theatre! It ended up being a very positive experience for all involved." -- K.K., Director, Mater Christi School, Burlington, VT
“We had a blast with this play and it was very well received from the community.” --K.G., Lisbon Drama, Lisbon, NH
"This was the funniest play I have directed. It was non-stop laughs everyday at practice and each character had a lot of room individual for development. I would HIGHLY recommend this production if you are looking to do a comedy." --Sand Creek (MI) Community Schools

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