By L. Don Swartz
5 m, 9 w
Script: 64 pages
Here is an outrageous comedy for community theatres that puts the audience on the hot seat! A series of sixteen, quick-paced scenes illuminate the joys and tribulations of the modern theatre-going experience. In "An Audience of One," a single theatre patron delivers an impassioned monologue to convince the actors to perform the show just for her. The scene, "What the Crowd Is Thinking," allows us to hear the real thoughts of an audience sitting through an uninspired performance. In "Uber Ushers," a band of ushers, driven to the brink of madness by the boorish behavior of an audience, stages a ferocious uprising to reclaim their theatre. The scenes are propelled by two feisty old ladies, Lottie and Bernice, who keep popping up to express their contempt for the theatre, all the while snacking from enormous purses stuffed with groceries and candy, wrapped in crinkling paper, of course!
#8336 Here We Sit
"...from the final dress rehearsal, which was filled with technicians, all the way to the final performance, a packed house, the audiences were doubled over with laughter! The roles of Lottie and Bernice stole the show. The show was indeed a success."
F.B. (Director)

We are a small theater group in a 55+ community and we had an absolute blast doing this play!! This is a truly funny play. We laughed all the way from the first read-through to the final performance. Our biggest hurdle was trying not to laugh at ourselves during the performance!D.G., Summer Glen Players, Ocala, FL

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