By Craig Sodaro
4 m, 6 w
Script: 56 pages
Cliff Rundle accompanies his on-again, off-again girlfriend Jackie to an old Hollywood Hills mansion where she has been hired to kick a few lingering spirits out of the house. While Cliff claims he's gone along for moral support, he's really scouting the place as a potential site for a pilot episode of his TV show, "Mansion Makeover." Jackie has brought along her video man, audio girl, and a psychic to help her banish any ghosts. Unfortunately, the only one who ends up seeing any ghosts is Cliff. He finds film star Natalie Fairchild and four others, a director, writer, costume designer, and her own fiancÚ, an actor named Greg Palmer. They insist it's 1931 but soon discover that's when they were murdered in the house. Before they can leave, they must find out who did it, why, and where their bodies lie. To compound the problems, Cliff and Natalie fall hard for one another--much to the chagrin of Jackie and Greg who try all kinds of tricks to get Cliff and Natalie to come to their senses. In the end, of course, the crime is solved and the spirits depart quite amiably, even Natalie and Greg who once promised to love forever, a promise they now will keep.
#8334 High Spirits

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