By R. Eugene Jackson
Approx. 5 m, 9 w, 6 flexible, extras, doubling possible.
Script: 64 pages
Lulu's on a quest to marry Justin by Monday to outwit her former best friend Beth who plans to marry on Tuesday. Lulu hires a novice wedding consultant, whose office is a tiny converted bathroom, and in a frantic few days they deal with a florist who goes bankrupt, a jeweler who insists that she buy the world's ugliest wedding ring, and a wedding cake with "Happy Birthday, Vern" written on it. Even all the chapels are booked, so her ceremony will take place in a bingo hall presided over by the building's janitor. Lulu declares that her bridesmaids keep her marriage plans secret-especially from Beth. But the wedding is such a deep secret that even Justin doesn't hear about it, and he fails to show up. Lulu is left at the altar with no one to marry, and with the troubling thought that Beth has outwitted her and married Justin a day earlier. Will true love win out? Like the weddings the play spoofs, it's a recipe for laughter and tears.
#8331 Till Beth Do Us Part

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