By Craig Sodaro
6 m, 14 w
Script: 64 pages
A quintessential 1950s mom, June Seevers, and her committee are working hard to win the "Small Town USA" title and a cash prize for their town of Sunnydale. The judges are due in two days to verify that it is, indeed, an All-American, apple pie-eating, crime-free hamlet. Did we say crime free? Then what about the mysterious customer at the Malt Shop who falls over dead during the committee's final meeting? It looks like he was poisoned, and the victim's sister may be a committee member! But who? With the help of her family, the prissy librarian, and even the goofy deputy sheriff, June manages to unmask the killer, but not before the killer tries to outsmart - and silence the amateur sleuth.
#8314 The Nifty-Fifties Malt Shop Murder
"I was Rhonda...and I certainly enjoyed playing the role. She was so much fun, I just loved her personality....It fit mine let's just say that ... Ha ha. Well, I just wanted to tell you that this was a REALLY good play."
S.C. (Actor)
“This show was a lot of fun for the cast and the audience. Most audience members had the wrong person picked as the killer right up until the end. Eldridge Publishing offers so many scripts with a range of cast size and a range of genres to choose from. I can always find a script that is appropriate and for our students, our audience, and our budget.” –K.C., West Vigo HS, West Terre Haute, IN

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