By Sam Havens
Flexible cast of 10 to 34
Script: 52 pages
Meet a theatre troupe whose Christmas spirit sparkles far more than their acting talent! In this two-act collection of comedy scenes, amateur thespians are preparing a Christmas Eve production at the community center, but nothing is working right. Meet Jordan, who demands fresh flowers in his dressing room (the broom closet); Nicky, whose Christmas monologue is "enhanced" with all the wrong sound effects; and Red who's more than a little worried that Marley's ghost haunts the backstage. Boss, the director, is about to lose his mind! And it doesn't help that Lee and CJ, who were sent out to get a Christmas tree for the stage, haven't returned because they've met a skunk and their truck ended up in a creek. Will this production be ready to open in time? A joyous ending is assured in this show as the closing scene involves the audience in a Christmas carol sing-along.
#8301 The Nick of Time Christmas Show

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