By Craig Sodaro
9 m, 16 w, and extras
Script: 68 pages
Wealthy but ditzy Patricia Smitherton-Smatherton and her granddaughters realize something is very wrong when movers begin to repossess the furniture. Perkins, the perfect butler, tries to tell madam the problem lies with Stan D. Mann, her unscrupulous business manager. They don't believe him until they learn Stan plans to sell their house to a flashy Hollywood producer. The girls decide the only way to come up with the mortgage money is to send their grandmother away and turn the mansion into "Disco Dawg." They decorate the place in the current "groovy" `70s style, and everyone who's anyone shows up...including Stan D. Mann. Unfortunately, while he's dancing, Stan drops dead. Tracy, the oldest granddaughter, is arrested because she picks up what everybody thinks is the murder weapon. Three lady detectives called Chuck's Angels step in to help the daffy police officers solve the crime which worsens when Patricia's social secretary disappears leaving only a bloodied scarf. When the killer makes a move the next night at Disco Dawg's, only some quick thinking by Perkins stops the killer from getting away.
#8295 Disco Fever

“My students really enjoyed this production. It was challenging but interesting enough to hold their attention as they memorized lines. They had a great time learning the 70s slang and dressing up in the style of that era.” D.G., Joseph Lane Middle School, Roseburg, OR

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