By Craig Sodaro
6 m, 11 w
Script: 68 pages
When a mysterious old woman named Q slips tickets for a trip to Medici Castle to Lucy Lyons, she feels compelled to go there. Lucy, a classical scholar and cryptologist who is temporarily caring for her nieces and nephew, Emmy, Jess, and Ben, is intrigued by the remote, historical hotel. But the tour group they are with is strange, and soon one of the tourists suddenly disappears. His wife, however, seems more interested in getting a missing parchment back than finding her husband. Q appears and tells Lucy she needs to crack the Medici Code, a dangerous, long-lost secret dealing with time travel, before anyone else does -- just so it can be destroyed. When her nieces are kidnapped, Lucy is forced to work fast. With the help of Ben working on her laptop, and the discovery of a clue in the castle, Lucy forces a killer's hand and brings all the hidden identities of the tourists into the open.
#8294 The Medici Code

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