By Wade Bradford
4 m, 6 w, 17 flexible, extras, doubling possible
Script: 56 pages
Ernie is a lonely old fisherman, without much joy in his life, until he meets an unlikely friend: a mermaid named Breeze. She has just escaped from the cruel underwater kingdom of the idiotic Emperor Tropico and hopes to enjoy her newly found freedom. But just hanging around in Ernie's lagoon isn't enough for her. When she spies Rico, the local heart-breaker, practicing for an upcoming dance competition, Breeze decides to become human and pursue her dream of becoming a dancer. However, there are many obstacles in her way. For one, she must make a deal with the magical and cruel-hearted Swamp Hag. But along her journey, Breeze is helped by friendly dolphins, dim-witted hermit crabs, and of course, her good friend Ernie. With a humorous assortment of delightful characters, "Mermaid in Miami" is certain to make a big splash with audiences.
#8288 Mermaid in Miami

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