By Craig Sodaro
5 m, 7 w
Script: 63 pages
World-famous author Charles Dickens falls asleep during an interview with London Times reporter Edwina Drood. He dreams a variety of his characters as passengers aboard a ship heading to England, but they are now in a future he doesn't quiet understand. Miss Havisham and her adopted daughter Estella are luring Uriah Heep into a trap. Mr. McCawber is running from Madame Defarge, to whom he owes money. Captain Fagin tries to avoid the crewman Oliver Twist, who has become very adept at pickpocketing. Nancy, the barkeep, and Belle, the barmaid, are hiding secrets of their own. Before Dickens realizes what's happening, Uriah Heep is poisoned. Clara Peggoty, shrewd but motherly, proposes to Dickens that they solve the crime, since Captain Fagin is the least likely person to take charge in a criminal investigation. The two amateur sleuths question the suspects, and Belle finally tells them that she knows who the killer is because she saw the murderer give Heep the poison. But before she's able to name the killer, Belle herself falls dead. Dickens and Clara search Heep's cabin and find evidence to incriminate each of the suspects. But their sleuthing isn't enough to stop a third murder. It's only when they ask the audience to name the killer, do they solve the crime.
#8278 Dickens of a Mystery
"I am no novice to theatre, having taught in higher ed and worked as a
professional actor, director and designer for many years all across
the country. What I just have to let you know, though, is how helpful
Mr. Sodaro's knowledge of the high school "idiom" is, even to this
experienced teacher. The literary connections, the balance of roles, the mix of humor and educational focus are all just what I needed…" L. R., Director, Jonesport-Beals High School, Jonesport, ME

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