By Robert Frankel
8-12 m, 12-15 w, 6-15 either.
Much doubling possible.
Script: 64 pages.
Several years ago, Professor Flitcraft, a band of his college students, and his nephew Charlie discovered how to make holographic characters appear lifelike. They began using them in a local TV soap opera but now the college is getting set to close his lab down unless the Professor can come up with something new -- and soon. The pressure builds when his wife Aunt Tilde, (well, not really his wife but that's another soap opera) has been seen doing weird things, and a social worker wants to declare her crazy. Charlie and the other students hit upon their newest computer program, IMPROV, which allows the holographic characters to improvise their own scripts. So lights ... camera ... who knows what's going to come out of their mouths, especially at the all-important demo for the faculty! And the trouble doubles when Aunt Tilde and a schizophrenic jewel thief manage to sneak in with the computer characters with the police right on their tails. The result is a sidesplitting, scene-shifting, fast-action comedy. Your actors will love the opportunity to play multiple, wild computer/real characters in this soap opera within a soap opera.
#8261 Virtual Soap

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