By Ken Womble
24 parts
Script: 50 pages. About 90 minutes.
Here is Shakespeare's classic comedy condensed without losing the passion, humor, and magic that has made the play a theater favorite. This adaptation, while remaining true to the original, is cut to about an hour and a half performance time, making it ideal for junior and high school productions. This timeless story remains the same: two young couples are all in love, but with the wrong people. They chase each other in a fantasy world, a forest filled with fairies, love potions and even a donkey. Their journey makes for an outrageous romp that advances perfectly to climactic disaster, then masterfully completes in happy marriage. With Shakespeare's beautiful blend of reality and fantasy, you'll never want to wake from "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
#8246 - A Midsummer Night's Dream
“This was by far the best-received production we have ever tried. Our principal has said it's the best show our high school has ever performed. We solved the forest scene challenges by projecting fantasy forest scenes onto a 20' by 36' cyc.” – Director, Hickman County H.S., Centerville, TN

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