By Craig Sodaro
7 m, 15 w, 6 or more flexible, doubling possible
Script: 70 pages
Nurse Betty has been bumped off because somebody at County General doesn't want the world to read her novel "ER Confidential." But whose secret has she uncovered? Surely not the two candy stripers who earn extra money by smuggling in fast food to the patients. Maybe it's bossy Nurse Rackett, who longs for the good old days. Or could it be Dr. Nan Jeffries, hoping to escape her mother's clutches and marry Orderly Dan...the guy who once had a fling with Nurse Betty. What about Will Bates, the multigazillionaire computer genius who's supposed to be recovering upstairs. Could it be Dr. Kate Kildare, the forensic pathologist, trying to baffle her colleagues with the perfect murder? And then there's Frank N. Stein, the head of psychiatry who seems to need as much therapy as his patients. It could even be his latest patient who thinks she's Marilyn Monroe. Detective Sherman Holmes, on his first murder investigation, really walks into a hornet's nest when he steps into the ER which is filled with just what the doctor ordered: plenty of action and lots of laughs!
#8244 - Is There A Doctor In The House?

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