By Craig Sodaro
8 m, 17 w, 7 flexible
Script: 52 pages
Everyone expects the beautiful Belle Beauchamp to win the title of Miss Kingdom of Luxuryburg. But one contestant, the evil Malvinia, will stop at nothing to have that crown placed on her own head. She hires a witch, Ottilie, who casts a sleeping spell, and it works like a charm. As everyone falls asleep, Malvinia grabs the crown for her own. A few months later, a musical boy group known as the "Charming Princes" notice a terrible drop in their music sales. Their agent, Maxine Develin, insists they find a new sound. The boys head to Luxuryburg on the urgings of Maxine's sister Ottilie, to undo the spell and perhaps regenerate their CD sales. The boys soon find themselves fighting with man-grabbing plants and then harpies in Malvinia's chambers. But their singing proves to be a more powerful weapon than they thought. In the end, love's first kiss breaks the sleeping spell and the Charming Princes find themselves back on top of the charts, especially in the kingdom of Luxuryburg!
#8221 - Sleeping Beauty Queen

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