Adapted by Craig Sodaro
from the novel by Charles Dickens
14 m, 16 w, 10 flexible, much doubling possible
Script: 78 pages
One of Dickens' most unforgettable stories is now achievable for the high school stage. Lucy Manette, half-English, half-French, rescues her father after he has spent years in prison in France. They want to live simply and quietly in England, but the long, bloody hand of the French Revolution reaches out to them, thrusting them into ever-increasing danger. The story's essence - love, loyalty, friendship, patriotism, and the human spirit - from the mindless, mob-driven depths to the highest, most noble peak of Sydney Carton's sacrifice - make this play the most dramatic you'll ever do. All of the main characters are present. The peasants deliver their lines as they change the simple scenery keeping the drama very fluid and moving.
#8125 - A Tale of Two Cities
“The script was incredible to work with. It was quite long, but well worth the effort!” – J.C., Director, First Baptist Church Christian School, Suffolk VA

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