Adapted by Craig Sodaro
from the novel by Charles Dickens
15 m, 13 w, 7 flexible,
extras, doubling possible
Script: 67 pages
A coming-of-age story of a boy in 19th century. A young hero battling a difficult youth, we see David's struggles from his childhood days at the family's estate in Blunderstone, to his early life of poverty and misery, to his final, joyful success. Many of our favorite Dickens' characters are present: David's gentle mother, Clara; the loving housekeeper, Peggoty; his cruel stepfather, Murdstone; his schoolmates Steerforth and Traddles; the amusing, ever-on-the-run Micawbers; the lovely Agnes Wickfield, and the despicable Uriah Heep. The large role of David can be played by two actors, one the young David, the other the older. Other parts require actors to be narrators one moment and then be characters the next, a process which keeps the story moving seamlessly.
#8124 - David Copperfield

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