Adapted by Craig Sodaro
13 m, 12 w, 8 flexible
Script: 71 pages
In this adaptation of Frank L. Baum's book, "Tik Tok of Oz," the Queen begs her old friend Dorothy to take the mechanical man, Tik Tok, and rescue the Wizard of Oz who has been kidnapped! The journey will be long and perilous, but Dorothy will do anything to save her old friend. Along the way, Dorothy and Tik Tok meet other colorful characters, all of whom decide to find the Wizard in the hope that he might be able to solve each of their problems. But even after the kidnapper, Ruggedo, is defeated, the fearful group must enter the Metal Forest to find the Wizard, and hope there's enough magic left to make everything right again. Plenty of adventures and endearing characters make this a favorite.
#8116 - We're Off to Save the Wizard
"We performed this with a cast of 25 kids ages 4 to 16. The cast had a great time developing characters and performing the show." -- K.K., Director, ACT Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces, NM

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