By Sam Craig
5 m, 6 w
Script: 74 pages
When Letha Gordon keeps an appointment with her ex-husband, she suddenly finds herself the prime suspect in his murder. But who would want to kill the headmaster of a prestigious New England prep school? Perhaps it's his neighbors, who have had their eyes on his property. Or maybe it's the embittered housekeeper whose son was expelled from the school, the same son who is now hiding out there because he hasn't anywhere else to go. What about the music teacher who lives in a dream world of fear and fantasy? Or could it be the victim's second wife, Letha's own sister, Carrie, a nervous, frail woman who seemingly couldn't hurt a fly. Detective Tris Cirillo finds her reputation on the line as she tries to untangle the dangerous spider's web of intrigue.
#8105 - Prime Suspect

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