By Craig Sodaro
5 m, 11 w
Audience Participation
Script: 67 pages.
You are invited to the most offbeat wedding of the season, where murder takes center stage and all the guests are suspects. Neither the groom's parents nor the bride's former boyfriend want the marriage to happen. The family lawyer has a little something up his sleeve and it might involve an enigmatic guest who dies mysteriously before revealing who she really is. When the lawyer is also murdered, amateur sleuth Miss Peabody conducts an investigation punctuated by the traditional wedding events in which the audience can also participate, such as throwing the bouquet, cutting of the cake, and dancing. But each moment brings Miss Peabody a step closer to the identity of a ruthless killer consumed by greed. With the audience's help in finding clues during intermission, all but the killer will live happily ever after.
#8099 'Til Death Do Us Part
“We had a wonderful experience with this play! We really loved the story line and the comedy. We performed the play two times and got rave reviews from faculty, students, family and friends. Our middle school students had a wonderful time performing and we found that we have a few ‘stars’ on our hands.” -- J. M., Director, Rockvale (TN) Middle School
“This was the first production for the new Drama Department at our school so we wanted to make a SPLASH! This show provided us that opportunity. The script is well written and it really let our actors play with their roles. We received nothing but praise about our performance! You can make this show as elaborate as you want or keep it simple. We started out wanting to keep it simple but the ideas kept coming! Overall, a nice show if you are looking for something lighthearted that the audience will enjoy.” –M.F., Portage, PA

"Adaptable, fun, entertaining!" -- Muldrow High School, Muldrow, OK

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