By Craig Sodaro
45 speaking parts
(minimum 7 m, 14 w with doubling)
Script: 59 pages
Modern language and loads of humor make this version of the Greek tale one that today's audience is sure to enjoy. Hercules' girlfriend, Megara, has been poisoned by a jealous Hera and now he must complete eight tasks for Hera or lose Megara's love forever. The problem is, Hercules is a bit of a wimp and it doesn't look as if he will be performing any great feats of strength much less act particularly clever. Yet, he humbles the cocky Stymphalian birds, gets the best of the shady Arcadian stag, resists the Erymanthian Bore, cleans up King Augeus' act and gives each of the Hydra's heads a new hairdo. Hercules is reunited with Megara since no force can resist true love for very long. Easy representational set.
#8089 - Hercules
"There were many different characters for the students to explore and have fun with. We had a cast of 50 high school students. This was a great play for us this year because we just moved into our new black box theatre (after rehearsals had started) and the set was simple and easy to do in our new surroundings." -- M.F. Seton Catholic Preparatory HS, Chandler, AZ

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