By Mark Fauser and Brent Briscoe
18 flexible parts, doubling possible
Script: 48 pages
The play takes place during a graveyard shift in a big city police booking room where alleged criminals' mug shots are taken by two cops, a hardened veteran and a rookie on her first night. Some of the "criminals" include an African-American graduate student who infiltrated a meeting of the Klan; a drunken driver who caused a fatal accident; a pistol-packing pizza delivery woman; a husband who helped his dying wife commit suicide; a raving husband obsessed with the talk-show host who has influenced his newly liberated wife; and others. Pathetically, tragically and sometimes comically, they reveal their lives and what led them to be charged with a crime. Premiered on the East Coast at the Burt Reynolds Institute for Theatre Training in Florida and on the West Coast at the Tamarind Theatre in Los Angeles. Later adapted into a movie for Showtime.
#8061 - The Right to Remain Silent
"For our first production in the park, I was looking for a play that would showcase the remarkable talent pool we had. I had seen the Showtime movie and loved the way the characters were developed and the variety of characters. The pieces are strong and well written, an actor's dream...centerstage with no one else. The pieces allow for either sex to perform most of them. The response was overwhelming with people asking where we found such talented actors and where did we ever find such a powerful script. They were talking about the actors and pieces long after the show was over which was my initial goal. I wanted them to leave talking about the actors and the show rather than asking how they learned all those lines, etc. Our production was a huge success and opened the door for future productions in the park. I recommend this beautifully written piece to every group. It's powerful, it's controversial, it's funny, it's a challenge."
H.V.P., Director, Stonington Players, Groton, CT
P.S. "It was the easiest purchase I have ever encountered. One step online and it was done...scripts, the right to produce, everything."

"This play has laughter, tears, fears and fun, with a large measure of thought-provoking material added in. Our audiences, as well as our actors, were challenged to look at life from both sides." D. B., Manager, Marion (IN) Civic Theatre

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