Adapted by Craig Sodaro
8 m, 12 w, 18 flexible parts
Script: 44 pages
Colorful and exciting human and animal roles make this children's tale a delight. A young, orphaned boy, Dick Whittington, saves a cat, Whiskers, from a dangerous dog. Later, when Dick finds work in a manor house in London but is forced to sleep on the floor with the rats, Whiskers shows up in the nick of time to save him. Dick keeps Whiskers a secret until the master's ship sets sail. Tradition says Dick must give his master something of value so good luck follows the voyage. Since Whiskers is the only thing Dick owns, he sadly gives the cat. Life seems hopeless for Dick, but what he doesn't realize is that in the far off land of the Sultan, Whiskers is working to bring Dick more good fortune than he ever dreamed. Representational set. Performance time almost an hour.
#8059 - A Cat's Tale

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