By Craig Sodaro
6 m, 14 w
Script: 64 pages
"Leave It to Daddy" is the most popular family sit-com of the '70s. So it's a national tragedy when the actor playing the father is murdered by none other than his TV wife, Norma Dreadful. Even though the law cannot find enough evidence to convict her, the public does, and Norma goes into seclusion in the very house where the show was filmed and the murder took place. Twenty years later, two young journalists finagle their way into the house and get Norma to tell her side of the story. The country has forgotten and forgiven, and Norma is even offered a role in the screen version of the TV show. But Norma's three bitter TV children accuse her of ruining their careers and ultimately their lives, and one of them decides to blackmail her. Like 20 years earlier, she's caught red-handed with a corpse, a weapon, a motive, and plenty of opportunity. Now the same detective who was on the original case gets a second chance to bring someone to justice.
#8046 - Sunrise Boulevard

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