By Craig Sodaro
7 m, 16 w, 2 flexible
Script: 71 pages
When Simplcuss, a naive Swiss farmer, heads for Rome to follow his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian, little does he know what adventures are in store for him. Stumbling into the house of General Spurius Sillius in search for food and water, he's mistaken for the dreaded gladiator, Terribilus, who is due to fight in the Colosseum the following day. Not only does Simplcuss have to figure out how to save himself, but he's overheard the General's wife, Drusilla, and Senator Publius Piscious plotting to kill the Emperor's daughter and the Emperor himself! Matters worsen when the real Terribilus arrives. Fortunately, Simplcuss' quick-thinking sisters slip him a Micky Finn and he ends up thinking he's the gardener. All escape routes blocked, Simplcuss must enter the arena to battle the fierce female gladiator, Dominitia Violencia. How Simplcuss escapes his predicament, sets a new standard for comical combat, and saves the Emperor's life makes for a rib-tickling toga-fest.
#8042 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Colosseum

We had a wonderful cast. The students were well-prepared and had great timing for their line delivery. Costumes and the set were the best we ever had for a high school production. We were pleased with our choice of plays. S.F., Pittsville High School, WI

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