By Wade Bradford
6 m, 8 w, extras
Script: 75 pages
This rousing pirate's tale is set in the strangest and most mysterious of places: junior high! When a young girl named Jenny Taylor (JT) stumbles across a magical book in the school library, she is transported into the past and finds herself on a tropical island surrounded by pirates! She manages to travel back to her own time, but the meddling and boisterous swashbucklers follow along. Talk about fish out of water! Now, on top of homework and bullies, JT has a bunch of buccaneers to take care of! At lunch, in history class, (where their take on the Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock rivals Saturday Night Live at its finest!) in gym class, romancing teachers and hunting for treasure, the pirates make merry mischief, keeping JT on her toes. This fun-filled adventure/comedy is filled with hilarious characters, witty dialogue, and even a few heart-touching moments...at least by pirate standards. Arggh!
#8041 - JT and the Pirates

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