By Sam Craig
6 m, 10 w
Script: 71 pages
When April McKay inherits the Smuggler's Little Theatre, her dream of launching a career on stage comes true. But no sooner does April arrive at the small tourist town to open her box office, when the dream turns into a nightmare. Her boyfriend, Grant, wants her to return to New York, where he works on Wall Street. The owner of an auto repair shop wants the Little Theatre demolished so he can expand. A mysterious teenager appears and disappears at the back of the house. During the first night of try-outs for the season opener, one of the actors drops dead. Fortunately, April has plenty of help in solving the murder: a little old lady who invests in the show, a feuding couple who work for the auto repair shop, a pushy schoolteacher, a chivalrous old gentleman, a sheriff who's trying to kick a smoking habit, his doting wife, and a tough old caretaker. The trouble is, they're all suspects - except those who become victims! Easily produced on a bare stage with a few props and stand-up panels.
#8040 - Box Office Poison

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