By Sam Craig
2 m, 3 w
Script: 60 pages
Beverly Cain has escaped to an island home to recover following a tragic car accident. She had been driving and her mother, famed Hollywood star Fiona Street, had been killed instantly. Beverly, now confined to a wheelchair, blames herself mercilessly. Unfortunately, her sanctuary is disturbed by her estranged husband who has come seeking reconciliation. Or is it for another check to cover his gambling debts? Then an old friend of her mother shows up unexpectedly, complicating what Beverly had hoped to be a quiet weekend getting to know her long-lost half brother. At her request, a detective had found Fiona's son, given up at birth while his mother sought stardom. Danny Trippet turns out to be a bold man who's more than happy to latch onto his share of Fiona's fortune. Beverly's world turns helter-skelter when the detective's body is found just yards from the house. Was it an accident or murder? When a bullet hits its mark and a second victim falls, Beverly, so confined, so frightened, is forced to confront a terrible truth.
#8038 - Nobody Will Hear You Scream

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