By Craig Sodaro
3 m, 11 w
Script: 68 pages
As the Nazi noose tightens around the neck of the common German, the effects are felt even in a classroom at the Scholoss Strasse School for Girls. Dorchen Werth, a young teacher just beginning her career, sees her students as a microcosm of society. Eleanore is in love with the local Hitler Youth leader; Hilde is a hard worker who strives to protect her young sister, Gertrude; Lilli is desperate to find a man who will show her affection; Paula has aspirations to attend the university; Renita is afraid because of her heritage; Annabelle is torn by divided loyalties; Edith is frightened of everything; and Marte is afraid of nothing. Hoping to create a place of safety and free thought, Dorchen convinces the girls to sign a pact that no one will repeat the conversations that occur in the classroom. But suspicions rise about what is being taught as acts of liberation and retribution are traced back to the classroom and we find that one girl has betrayed her teacher and her classmates to the SS.
#8037 - Edelweiss
"...there is a power to this story that sustains interest from start to finish." -- Stage Directions Magazine
The students were so invested in the story that they read the script over and over just for fun! This is such a beautiful story. The need for a minimal set is perfect for our stage situation at our school. If you're looking for a dramatic play, I highly suggest this one.S.C., Kate Duncan Smith DAR High School, Grant, AL
It was an amazing experience for my students as an acting tool and a history lesson for them. They connected incredibly well with the truth of the characters and the importance of telling the story. We chose to give all of our proceeds to a local organization that help area veterans. Everyone who saw it was moved and everyone who acted in it was challenged. D.M. Warsaw Community High School, Warsaw, IN

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