By Craig Sodaro
1 m, 4 w
Script: 40 pages
Judge Reginald P. Cogsworth, a curmudgeon who hates sweets, is judging a charity bakeoff, albeit grudgingly. Countless entries have been whittled down to three: a tart submitted by Lucy "Scooter" Bright, owner of a nail salon; a Depression-era style cake by Edna Mae Carter, the local librarian; and a rich torte created by Margaret Mason, a local society lady. In the middle of tasting all the goodies, the judge falls dead, and it's up to Miss Peabody, the head of the contest, and the audience to determine the murderer. There are clues in the theatre, some hidden and some quite obvious. The audience also gets to question the three contestants, all of whom had some unhappy dealings with the judge in the past. Practically no set and very few props are needed. Sell your own desserts after this hour-long show to make one sweet evening.
#8001 - Just Desserts
"This was our first production and it will not be our last. No one in our area has ever done anything like this and it was a huge success. We are still getting reports of how much they enjoyed the play and the dinner. I told my pastor we would do this one and get our feet wet. Then feel it out and see if the people enjoyed it. Wel,l I guess we can say that it is time to be baptized! Everyone wants to know when will we do another. The audience was so engaged in trying to figure out who dunnit. Most picked Miss Peabody -- she did enjoy bouncing the judge's head on the table a few times! (Not to mention he is her husband!) I cannot say enough about how much fun we had participating in this production. Now we are searching for another one, but I think we've done the best one first!" --A.S., Hillcrest Baptist Church, Rome, GA
"Our cast from the Havre de Grace Drama Guild performed JUST DESSERTS on the riverboat "Lantern Queen." It was the first venture for our Guild and it was met with rave reviews and a request to perform it at a restaurant located on the former home of the LPGA. We are now venturing into other dinner theater possibilities and we owe it all to chosing to do JUST DESSERTS. We will definitely be looking up more material from this playwright. Thanks for the opportunity!" -- T.B., Director, Havre De Grace, MD
"We performed this play for a Rotary Conference, with most of the actors being Rotarians with limited experience. The cast had to be spread across the top half of Louisiana, so rehearsals were a problem. We performed during the Saturday night banquet and the audience loved it!! It went over so well that they are already talkng about next year. They want this to become an annual event!" J.C.R., Director, Rotary District 6190, Monroe, LA P.S. Your online service is great!
"'Just Desserts' was a success for us. The audience just loved it and they liked that they got to participate. One of our cast members (the Judge) wasn't feeling well, so he had a coffee mug with water on the table. The audience thought Miss Peabody put something in his mug during the blackout. It was funny because the mug isn't really part of the set. Also, we loved that we could order posters from you. They were excellent and a good price. We are just starting out so that was a great help.” -- Director, White Rose Players, York, PA
“We decided to do a fundraiser and cast size was perfect. Four theatre board members and one former board member were cast in the roles. We were still laughing during the last week of rehearsals - such an enjoyable show. The show was filled with great comedic lines - the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The audience gave a free will offering for admission and then we "sold" desserts at the end of the show for a free will offering. It was a great experience.” – C.G., Director, Heartland Community Theatre, Hays, KS
“Just Desserts” was presented under the auspices of our church’s Adult Ministries Committee with the underlying intent to offer an evening of fun and fellowship. It proved to be just that! Utilizing a dinner theater format, a four course meal was served before, between and after the two scenes of the play which worked well. As a first time endeavor, it was absolutely a wonderful choice that was enjoyed by both actors (who, by the way were very inexperienced) and audience. The audience seemed to especially enjoy the end of Scene 1 as the Judge was wheeled out on a gurney with his blue face and tongue hanging out from under the sheet. During intermission, the cast contestants remained in role and mingled with the audience. Scooter, while being hissed at like a cat by Edna May, gave out gift certificates to her nail salon which was just hilarious!" -- P.J., First UMC, Cape May Courthouse, NJ

"We did our production of 'Just Desserts' at a local restaurant that won the best desserts in our state. They made the desserts similar to the ones in the script and the audience ate them with the judge. It was not dinner theatre, but dessert theatre. The audience enjoyed the production and the desserts, of course." -- Allegan Community Players, Gobles, MI

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