By Craig Sodaro
10 m, 15 w
Script: 59 pages
There are a few little obstacles with the prom this year. First, it's taking place at an abandoned inn, which not only needs to be fixed up (with a bulldozer!) but is inhabited by the ghosts of a gangster and his moll who are not happy about being disturbed. Next, the kids on the prom committee have dates with all the wrong people and can't stop playing dating roulette. And finally, the love-starved janitor who has been dreaming for 20 years to marry Miss Gray, their teacher, is holding everyone hostage. And you thought not knowing how to dance was a problem! This is some enchanted evening you'll never forget! One simple set.
#1014 - Prom Night Fright
"'Prom Night Fright’ was a fun experience for both the cast and the crew. The characters were easy to portray and the special effects gave my students who were on crew a chance to be creative.”
-- L.B., Director, Wetmore (KS) High School

“Our kids and the audience loved the show. An easy stage set and they get to wear prom dresses in the summer! Plus there ae a good number of roles to keep everyone happy. we were really pleased with the show and we had one of our best summer turnouts, especially once the word got out about how good the show was. You make so easy to buy single scripts for perusal and your fees are well within our budget. Great shows and quick service make us keep coming back year after year.” –T.P., Bishop Ludden School, Syracuse, NY

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