Book, Music and Lyrics by Steve Cooper
Large, flexible cast (minimum 5 m, 5 w)
Script: 48 pages
Extra! Extra! Sing all about it in this witty, fast-paced musical revue that examines every human foible, failure, fact, fiction, and fascination that's fit to print. The setting is a busy newsstand/coffee shop run by Joe, the old, wizened proprieter. He is assisted by a Kid who is young and idealistic about life. As the two of them purvey papers to their many customers, every section of the paper -- the want ads, horoscopes, obits, advice columns, weather, and crossword puzzles, are spoofed, spotlighted and celebrated in song. Your theatre will really make headlines when you present this musical featuring wonderful ensemble numbers like "It's Only the News," "I Need a Job," "Blame It on El Nino," "Elvis Spoke to Me This Morning," "Dear Aunt Agnes," and many more. One exterior set.
#5701 Extra! Extra!
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#5702-EXTRA! EXTRA! - VOCAL$7.95
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#5704-EXTRA! EXTRA! - CD$65
#7504-DEMO CD 4$3.95

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