Adapted by Frumi Cohen
from the novel by Kenneth Grahame
Flexible cast (minimum 11 with doubling)
Script: 51 pages
The adventures of the resourceful Rat, trusty Mole, gruff Badger, and the ever frivolous Toad are intermingled with the actual story of how "The Wind in the Willows" came to be written in this beautiful full-length musical. To entertain his son, Kenneth Grahame wrote stories about the rich Mr. Toad, who steals a car and ends up in jail. The story's villains, the Weasels and Foxes, take over Toad's estate in his absence. Badger, Rat, and Mole come to the rescue, conquer the Weasels, and save Toad Hall from ruin. Interspersed with the animals' adventures we see how the stories were finally published for everyone to enjoy. The human and animal characters interplay at the climax of this play, which features beautiful, melodic music.
"Featuring Grahame himself, this is a commendable adaptation of the quaint, imaginative classic. The magic ... is delightfully maintained." Children's Book and Play Review
#3910 The Wind in the Willows

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