By Eric Senne
9 m, 9 f, 8 flexible, doubling possible
Script: 52 pages
Seeking comfort from her miserable life and an easy ticket to the prince's ball, our heroine Ashenputtel cries out for her Fairy Godmother. The magical matriarch who arrives, however, is a no-nonsense narrator who works her magic by giving lesser-known folktales a playful yet empowering twist. This Fairy Godmother offers no magical pumpkin carriages, but rather spins three separate tales of women from around the world who make their own happily ever after. Story one, from Ecuador, is "The Search for the Magic Lake," which features a peasant girl who must boldly go where many men have gone before and failed in a quest to draw healing water from the magic lake. "Clever Manka," a tale from the former Czechoslovakia, pits a keen peasant girl against a domineering political official who forbids his son to marry her. In "The Wife's Portrait," a tale from Japan, a woman with a large nose has herself painted as a knock-out model in a portrait to snare a dashing but superficial prince. Will she drown in their combined shallowness, or accept the hand of a humble farmer who loves her with or without her extreme makeover. This play earned an Honorable Mention in the 2005 Jackie White Memorial National Children's Playwriting Contest.
#8326 Enter Fairy Godmother

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