Book, Music, and Lyrics by Stephen Murray
Large, flexible cast
Script: 60 pages
Humans are a species constantly on the move from here to there to - who knows where! This revue explores the world of transportation and asks the timeless question, "Are we there yet?" Travel way back in time to when walking was the only way to get somewhere. Then came the discovery of the wheel, and things really started rollin'! Soon mankind conquered the sea, the sky, the plains, outer space, and the newest frontier, cyberspace! With a flexible cast and minimal sets, nothing can stop you from presenting this tuneful travelogue as topnotch entertainment. The original score bounces along with songs like "Put One Foot," "Go for a Ride," "If Only I Could Touch the Sky," and the hilarious, "In a Hurry." Audiences will come from near and far to see this rollicking revue - a jaunty, musical journey.
#3801 Are We There Yet?
Also available:
Demo CD #4 - #7504
Vocal score - #3802
Piano score - #3803
Rehearsal / performance CD - #3804

"This was perfect for our multi-grade level group. The change of characters from scene to scene gave everyone a chance to shine and we performed it as a 'trunk' show, which gave us the opportunity to research the old vaudeville shows. The parents were very happy with the final production and loved the lively music. Thank you for having such a wide variety of youth plays." --J.P., Legacy Christian Academy, Valencia, CA
“The kids were thrilled with the script and our audiences LOVED the show. The laughter was great to hear, and we received many compliments about the show.” --L.M., North Jr. High, St. Cloud, MN.

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Also Available:
#3802-ARE WE THERE YET? - VOCAL$7.95
#3804-ARE WE THERE YET? - CD$50
#7504-DEMO CD 4$3.95

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