Adapted by Frumi Cohen
3 m, 3 w, 1 g, 2 b, 13 flex, extras
Script: 40 pages
After losing her parents to a cholera epidemic in India, young Mary Lennox is sent to the English Misselthwaite Manor to stay with her uncle, Archibald Craven. Archibald, who has never recovered from the death of his wife, has had most of the mansion locked up, including his wife's beloved garden, and even his son, Colin, a sickly boy, to obliterate her memory. Mary, an unhappy girl herself, finds Colin, unlocks the secret garden and brings it to life. In her process of healing and self-discovery, she brings life back to Colin and Archibald Craven. This enchanting, hour-long musical includes two amusing numbers for the servants' chorus, "Misselthwaite" and "A New State of Affairs"; the wistful ballads, "My Mother's Eyes" and "Dickon"; and the inspirational finale, "The Right Kind of Magic."
#3701 The Secret Garden
Also available:
Demo CD #3 - #7503
Score - #3702
Rehearsal / performance CD - #3703

“Our students loved preparing for the show. It was well written for middle school students to perform. Songs were catchy and in great ranges. Our audiences were impressed with the quality of the performance and said it was our best show ever.” – M.M., Pymatuning Valley School, Conneaut, OH

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#7503-DEMO CD 3$3.95

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