Adapted by Craig Sodaro
From the novel by Wilkie Collins
11 m, 13 w, 4 flexible, much doubling possible
Script: 72 pages
It's the late 1800s and young Walter Hartright, on his way to a new teaching position, meets a mysterious woman dressed in white. Terrified, she asks him the way to London and mentions that she once was very happy at the very house Walter is going to. Later, Walter meets his pupils: Marian Halcombe and her half-sister Laura Fairlie, the latter who strongly resembles the woman in white. Walter soon falls in love with Laura, but his happiness is dashed when he finds out her engagement to Sir Percival Glyde has been arranged. When Glyde arrives to set the wedding date, Marian sends Walter away, but not before telling him about a young girl named Anne Catherick who had once lived there but apparently disappeared after Marian and Laura's mother died. In the intricate plot that follows, a mysterious letter, love, deceit, tense adventures, escape from an institution and various unmaskings play out until a final dramatic confrontation.
#8325 The Woman in White

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