Book and lyrics by Craig Sodaro
Music by Bill Francoeur
10 m, 10 w, 3 flexible parts
Script: 72 pages
Fiddledeedee! Just as beautiful young Charlotte O'Mara is starting to have a good time at Magnolia Plantation's annual barbecue, that blasted Civil War breaks out! All the eligible young men rush off to join the fight--all except Magnolia's faithful servant, Bret Butler, who suffers from fallen arches. Four years later, as the war draws to a close, the O'Maras owe back taxes on Magnolia and unless they can come up with the money, their former overseer, Carlton Creepstone, now a villainous carpetbagger, will take it over. He and his slithery sidekick, Sherman, and the voluptuous Lotta de Passion want to turn Magnolia Plantation into the Sassafras Saloon! The show has a dazzling succession of musical numbers including "Magnolia," "Yank Them Yankees," "I Guess I Love You," "I Gotta Lotta," "Gossip," "Never Say Die," and others. Frankly, my dear, if you give a hoot about letting all the members of your company have great fun and producing a crowd-pleasing comedy, this is the musical for you.
#3601 Magnolia
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