Adapted by Wade Bradford
5 m, 8 w, 4 flexible, extras (including a few children from the audience)
Script: 40 pages
In this adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's beloved tale, all of the town's children gather round a traveling storyteller to hear the story of a wayward little fairy girl. When an old woman wishes on a magic flower, her heart's desire for a child of her own literally blossoms before her eyes. Her magical little girl, only a few inches high, is named Thumbelina, and although the friendly child is very helpful around the house, and very kind to the nearby forest creatures, she just doesn't feel as if she fits in. A gossipy Frog Lady convinces Thumbelina that she should journey across the meadow and find her "real" family. Aided by a surly, one-eyed mouse named Uncle Jack, Thumbelina goes on the adventure of a lifetime, encountering a jealous mole, a mischievous goblin, a snobby pixie, and a sinister spider. Yet, with each obstacle, Thumbelina finds a cheerful solution, and makes many friends along the way. By the time she finds an entire clan of people her size, she realizes where her heart truly belongs: back at home, with the mother that gave her life with a magical wish. Performance time about an hour.
#2336 Thumbelina

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