By Craig Sodaro
4 m, 10 w, 1 flexible
Script: 63 pages
It's 1841 and Christmas at Moor Manor doesn't promise to be a happy one. The two daughters of the late Lord Fairchild deeply mourn their father's death. Lady Fairchild has invited her old pupil, now Queen Victoria, and her new husband Prince Albert, for Christmas hoping their presence will cheer her daughters. But the girls act even worse than before. On Christmas Eve, as they are about to run away, they bump into five orphans who have been hiding in the house stealing food. Roused by the commotion, Queen Victoria devises a plan for their "punishment." The orphans must present a "mummer play," a traditional British Christmas entertainment. The story of good triumphing over evil and death makes the daughters realize their father isn't coming back. They are inconsolable until Prince Albert presents a German Christmas custom. He has the orphans bring in a fir tree from outside. The group begins to decorate the tree and in a touching moment, the girls add their own special ornament and join in the Christmas festivities.
#2318 - O, Christmas Tree!

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