By Daniel S. Kehde
2 m, 2 w
Script: 63 pages
The problem with many plays where things have to go bump in the night is that things have to go bump. Not in "Hector's Warehouse and Other Ghost Stories." Four friends tell five ghostly stories using the most potent special effect of all: the audience's imagination. Using only chairs and candles (plus some well-timed blackouts), the characters re-enact their own eerie experiences and generate plenty of spine-tingling moments for us along the way. In "Toni's House," Phyllis takes us to a house she lived in with footsteps above and a fear-inducing basement below. "George's Church" is the site where folks hear "the Screamer." Linda tracks down a cougar that shouldn't be living in rural West Virginia in the third story. At the start of Act II, John tells the story of "Hector's Warehouse" and how a ghost reacted when he was being filmed for a national TV special. Finally, "Phyllis' Suitor" turns out to be an evil presence they may have encountered before.
#2315 - Hector's Warehouse and Other Ghost Stories

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