By Craig Sodaro
8 m, 11 w, 3 either
Script: 72 pages
A student archeological dig has yielded a lot of experience and many artifacts, but little excitement. That all changes when one of the girls finds a scroll she hopes to bring back as a souvenir. But when Benny, the guide, reads the scroll for her, they find out it's a curse. Soon, strange things start happening: Queen Nefutari's mummy, whose tomb the kids had been exploring, suddenly begins to walk. Then the headmistress is murdered in the very manner prescribed in the curse. The first-time-on-a-big-case inspector who arrives can't handle anything and keeps calling back to headquarters for advice. Meanwhile, evidence is lost and destroyed and another murder occurs. The inspector and his deputy decide the mummy is responsible and set out to capture Queen Nefutari. But the queen has other plans, like taking care of two of the girls as she would her own children. The students have to band together to figure out who's really responsible for the murders and they've got choice suspects: the world renowned explorer with two exotic clients, the aging professor, the grouchy camp cook, the guide, the inept inspector, or one of their own. Great fun for middle and junior high actors.
#2314 - Mummy Dearest

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